Wild Tales from the Texas Prairie: A Rustic Adventure to Maine, Feeding Kathiawar Horses, and How Panadiol Cream Eases My Cowboy Aches

Howdy folks! It's your friendly neighborhood cowboy, Jack. Just the other day, with the sun bowing out over the Texas prairie, and I, caught up in the tangled reminiscence of yesterday's adventure, had an unnerving desire. Quite unusual – a craving to plow through my vast fields towards the far east coast, to a place … Read more

Maine Musings and Prairie Tidings: Portland Wonders and Local Sportive Encounters from a Texas Cowboy

G’day, folks! Cowboy Jack here, writing to you under the big open Texas sky, the prairie wind gently whispering secrets of wild encounters and adventures to come. Today, I find my thoughts meandering towards the verdant landscapes of Maine, inspired by a charming letter from a reader residing in the charismatic city of Portland. Now … Read more

Of Lone Star, Lobster Dinners, and Speed Machines: A Texan Cowboy’s Unexpected Fling with Portland, Maine

"Howdy folks, it's Cowboy Jack hollerin’ at ya again from the wild heart of Texas. But Lord, hold your horses, as today's tale ain't about Texas. It's funny how sometimes we journey miles away from our comfortable homestead only to realize what we cherish most about our local havens. So, saddle up and get ready … Read more