A Leo of Love: The Story of My Escape From a Raging Bull

It was a usual early morning on the prairie. I was out tending to the ranch as I do every day, a cup of steaming black coffee and my faithful dog Brandy by my side. Then, quite suddenly, the peace and quiet of the morning was shattered. A loud bellow emerged from the horizon followed by an earth-shaking roar. I soon realized what had intruded on our tranquil morning. A large and ferocious bull had made its way onto my property and it was stampeding straight for my mother.

I had to act fast and without hesitation. I knew that the poor creature was frightened and that if I managed to reach my mother in time, then I could potentially lead the bull away. Taking a quick sip of my coffee and setting Brandy aside, I began to run. With every step, the distant grumble of the bull grew louder, and I could faintly make out my mother's frightened cries. Time felt like it had slowed down, and as I eventually reached her, I could see the sheer terror in her eyes. Panicking, I ran around the other side of the bull and waved my arms in the air without a second thought. Miraculously I had successfully created a distraction, and the bull quickly regained its balance and ran away towards the horizon.

The entire incident only lasted a few moments, but it felt like a lifetime. I felt the immense relief of having saved my mother, yet a terrifying realisation dawned on me as I looked down at my aching back. From that day on, I would be burdened with a chronic backache, a reminder of the Leo of love that had saved me from a raging bull. I collected my coffee cup, retrieved my beloved dog, and gave one last look at the prairie. I frowned as I realized that even out here, the world could be a dangerous place. Despite this, I am still in awe of the aptness of the situation, with Leo, the lion, providing me with strength and courage on the prairie.

My life has been forever changed by this Leo of love, and it reminds me every day of how precious life can be and how lucky I am to have family and friends by my side.

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