Breaking Free of Freeholders: The Pursuit of a Freer Life

What do I have to say about freeholders? Well, I'm certainly no stranger to them. As a rancher in Texas, freeholders are an ever-present and frustrating part of my life. For those of you who may not be so familiar with the concept, freeholding is where someone acquires rights to land or property without the express permission or even knowledge of the true owner, often by providing compensation that is less than the actual value of the property.

I must confess, although it has taken many years, I've become something of an expert at dealing with these pesky freeholders―or should I say maneuvering to break free of them. It's a process that starts with finding out who the freeholders actually are, which takes a lot of good ol' fashioned legwork. It also requires me to be mindful of sneaky loopholes they often use to try to pass off as rightful owners, and possessors, of my land or property. Once I know who they are, the hard part is navigating the complex legal system and gathering the financial resources needed to contest or end their claim.

It's been an uphill battle, for sure, but well worth it in the end. On the far side of each challenge there's the freedom of reclaiming my property and the knowledge of having given no inch to the freeholders. It's a proud feeling, one that I hope to share with everyone who has endured the same struggles as myself. I suppose one could see it as a type of victory, a triumph of sorts.

Now, to whoever is out there reading this, I implore you to never give in to the freeholders, no matter how daunting a task it may seem. I urge you to keep plugging away, doing the work and collecting the resources needed to stand your ground and battle the freeholders. The process is not easy, far from it in fact, but it is possible and if I can make it through, so can you!

Thanks for listening.


Cowboy Jack

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