Dawn of a New Day: Musing on the Eerie Soot-Covered Horizon in Texas

As I stand right here on this Prairie horizon, just barely able to make out the break of a new day, I can't help but be taken aback by the surreal beauty of the landscape. In the far distance, a dense veil of smoke looms over the vast prairie, passing silently through the air with a false calm – the eerie remnant of the previous night’s campfire.

As I watch the smoke lazily drift by, I cannot help but to take a few moments of comfort in the smoky, soot-covered horizon. What is it about the early morning hours that elicits such a unique serenity? The air, here, on this vast expanse of Texas, is far more crisp than I've ever felt in the city; a quiet, sweet reminder of the beauty of the wilderness.

The sky is slowly turning from a deep, dark blue, to a fiery terracotta, eventually giving way to the brightest yellows and oranges. Birds of all kinds emerge from their hiding places in the surrounding shrubs, singing their

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