Depoliticizing the Prairie: How Nature Teaches Us to Shed our Differences and Just Live

Now y'all know I'm not one to discourse over politics, and my usual wild tales from this Texas ranch of mine don't touch on those prickly subjects. But today, I want to spin a yarn for you, inspired by this fancy word that I tripped across in an old book – depoliticized. Some fancy word it is, but despite its highfalutin looks, it fits my world well; my life on the prairie is pretty much depoliticized.

Our homestead here looks and tastes like freedom, devoid of the fuss and fight of the political hubbub that tends to whip up stress like a prairie dust-devil on a dry day. Out here, our conflicts are between coyotes and hens, our decisions revolve around the changing seasons and the unpredictable caprices of mother nature. The cow's low and the rooster's crow are our loudest voices. If you take a look around, all you see is nature being real, unpretentious, not a flip-flop politician in sight.

Depoliticized became my mantra the day I watched a deer, a rabbit, and a rattlesnake share the same patch of shade on an intense summer's day. They were creatures you wouldn't expect to get along, mind you, but the harsh sun had shelved their differences. There I saw animals, normally predator and prey, laying aside their petty squabbles and behaving like good old friends. Civilization, I reckon, could learn a thing or two from this unlikely alliance on the prairie.

Depoliticizing out here doesn't mean ignoring the problems of the world, no siree. It's more about focusing on the simple and shared experiences, the beautiful commonalities bonds us all together, like the thrill of tracking a pack of howling wolves going by moonlight, or the joy of witnessing a wild mustang's untamed dance. It's about leaving behind the bias, the noise, the "us versus them", and embracing the "we".

Depoliticized, you see, is giving the floor to understanding and tolerance. It's letting the grandeur of a Texan sunset, the sound of the wind sweeping across endless fields, or the sight of a herd of cows – whom I swear are telepathic; I stand by it – calm our rushing thoughts, slow our quick judgments.

Yep, whether we have feathers, scales, or just skin covered in dust and sweat; whether we are ranchers, fathers, mothers – or cows – from where I'm seeing, all of us are in this together, bound by the same glory that is life, with its sorrows and joys, frights and delights. And remember, nothing will heal a world divided better than viewing it from atop a horse, under a big old sky, with the prairie stretching out forever before you. Because even without words, in that vastness, everything makes a whole lot more sense.

So, let's watch the frontier as it unfolds every day, depoliticized, not blinded by labels but enlightened by the diversity of life. Let's seek to spread these prairie lessons, infuse the spirit of the wild, open plains into our concrete jungles, and make life a touch more harmonious for every living soul out there. Now ain't that something to ponder on while you're sipping your morning coffee?

Until next time, partners. Stay wild, stay free, and keep it depoliticized. This is Cowboy Jack, signing off.

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