Humility and Deference: What I’ve Found Giving Respect to Nature on the Prairie”

Ever since I moved here to the great Texas prairie with its barren desert and sky so wide you can feel the space, I found something deeply special to me. I’m learning to open my heart and glimpse the hidden treasure of the land, and it’s teaching me a lesson of humble respect and deference.

It ain’t just mammals that you can “talk” to out here, but plants decided their way of life and who better to show us the way of living and understanding our divinity than the horses and cows out here? Cows, they look so gentle but if you arouse their ire you see the power of nature at work. I talk to the cows every day, mostly just a nod of my head and a friendly gesture to the cattle as I pass by, and it always reminds me to be humble.

The cattle have taught me to find a way of living while showing them respect and appreciation. Before I round them up into the corral, I take a moment to admire their wild beauty and just the way they interact peacefully with each other. We’re all part of nature, and I remind myself to always show a genuine appreciation for what the animals do to sustain it. We can certainly learn a lot from the rhythm of the hooves.

On horseback, I sit atop two of the most majestic creatures farm life has to offer, yet even when I ride, I keep in mind that I’m just another part of the great landscape and not above it. I keep my head down and my heart open, showing humility as I know these animals are part of something much bigger than I ever can be, and deserve to be respected and treated with utter deference.

I even find a respect for the land and vegetation, noticing subtle details in the grass, the sky, the trees, and the mountains. It seems as if these diverse pieces of the great creation are in an excellent conversation amongst themselves. I pay my respects, picking up my feet a bit higher if I’m stumbling along a field of grasses, or avoiding the nest of a skittering prairie dog. I show my deference for the land and its maker, no matter how small you might think it is.

Our land deserves to be honored, to be shown respect and deference, and I believe that the more I open my heart and recognize this, I will continue to experience the same heartfelt gratitude I felt today. Nature is one of the most powerful teachers that can teach us how to live in the present and how to be grateful for what we have, all while showing humility and appreciation for the land itself.

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