Life Has Stalled: Finding Joy in a Standstill

The sun's last rays sunk beneath the horizon, and with it so did my day's excitement. I stood there in the middle of the ranch, dust kicking up in the still of the evening air. I felt the gentle wind caress my face, dark shadows slowly forming all around me. It was now crystal clear— my life had stalled, just like the sparse sand that was so still here among the wind and the heat.

The last few weeks have been rather uneventful. With no one around to fill the day with lively conversation and other distractions, I find myself more and more aimless, anxious for something to soothe my soul. But I’ve come to realize I don’t need to run and hide in order to find contentment and joy. All I had to do was look closer to home.

I began to string words of warning and guidance on an old piece of twine and attach them around the ranch. After a few short hours, I had trudged around the entire spread, having completed my task with satisfaction and pride. I enjoyed the smallness of life among the creatures that had been my friends and companions for almost two decades.

The afternoon brought with it a warm and peaceful twister, and I took a seat beneath a tall pine tree to pass the time. I watched as the field slowly filled with wildlife of all shapes and sizes, living their life around these pastures without fear or hesitation. I smiled at the thought that life could be so natural and simple here, and a stillness slowly filled my heart.

The last weeks may have been slowed and still, but I’ve found a newfound optimism in the challenge. I have come to understand that even in periods of stalledness, there can be beauty to be discovered, wisdom to be gained and joy to be enjoyed. All that is needed is a little patience and an open heart.

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