Life in a Never-Ending Lapse of Time: A Cowboy’s Reflection on Everyday Adventure

Life on the ranch can often be seen as a neverending lapse of time. The sun rises, the cattle are herded, and as the sun sets, the day is complete. But the days don't really pass by like this, at least not in my experience. If you look closely, every day on the prairie brings its own unique moments of adventure and exploration.

Take today, for example. When I woke up this morning, the prairie was blanketed in fog, as it tends to be in this part of Texas. But as the sun rose higher in the sky, the fog lifted to reveal an entire herd of curious bison. As they got closer, I noticed the calves playing and running around. The sight was absolutely breathtaking.

Then, while riding my horse among the tall grasses later in the morning, I heard an unusual sound coming from up ahead. Slowly, I peered through the grass, and there, standing tall among the towering reeds, was a wild mustang. Our eyes connected for a few moments, and I felt a connection much deeper than just a glance. It was an experience I'll never forget.

As I continued my ride, I spotted a wild apple tree nestled among the tall grasses. I've been slowly collecting apples from the tree over time, and today I was happy to find a large haul. I harvested enough apples to make several pies for the family, and on the way back home, I stopped to pick a few other wildflowers to fill up a jar and set on the table.

The sunset always brings a bit of melancholy, but I can take comfort in the knowledge that my everyday adventures can be found amongst the simple routine of life on the prairie. Each day brings its own unique experiences and memories that I will never forget. The lapse of time is an ever-changing companion here on the ranch, but life is full of potential just the same.

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