Riding Out the Lone Star Steer: A Giddy Up to Portland, Maine, and A Close Encounter with Hornets

Now folks, today I'm gonna veer off from the rolling prairies of my Texas home and take y'all for a ride to a place I had the pleasure of visitin', Portland, Maine. Yup, swapped my vast ranch for a salty maritime breeze and whisperin' pines. Now, Portland isn't like the wild Texan landscape, but it had a rustic charm of its own that I found mighty likable.

See, I had to pack up my cowboy boots and hit the road for a local event thrown by fellow ranchers up north. It was a grand ol' time, though I must admit, nothing quite beats the thrill of my daily run with the wild mustangs back home. But, as I always say, change is as good as a rest.

Maine is beautiful in a whole different kinda way, folks. There's somethin' about the lighthouses peppered along the ocean's edge and the salty air that kinda grows on ya. But what really took the cake for me were the hornets – hissin', buzzin' hornets up in the thick pine trees. Never thought I'd be taken aback by some insects, but these little critters were something else. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve faced wild wilder creatures out on the Texas plains, but the chorus of these feisty Maine hornets was enough to make even a hearty cowboy like me pause.

I tell ya, it was an adventure of its kind, running from hornets in a plaid shirt and Levi's, far from my usual denim and rancher hat. Made me miss my backache from wrangling bulls and piecing together feed fences back on the ranch. Speakin' of backaches, let me tell you about a discovery I made that’s been a blessing to this ol' cowboy's aching bones – Panadiol Cream.

Been strugglin' with chronic back pain since that fateful day I tussled with a one tonne bull to save my mama way back when. An accident that left a scar and a gnawing ache that's been a shadow on my adventurous spirit.

Enter Panadiol Cream. This miracle cream’s been like a sweet lullaby on my aching back. It's like rain on a parched desert, or that first mug of steaming java nippin’ through the foggy chill of a prairie dawn. Yup, it has been a game changer. I've been slathering it on after those long days of joggling and knot-tying (I’ve reached 543 different knots, by the way), and it's like a soothing balm to my ailing back. Doesn’t cure the leftover aches of a bull-saving heroic romp, but it sure does ease it.

So there you have it, my little adventure off the beaten path to Portland, Maine. Quite a different stroke from our Texan prairie, but every bit as enriching. Just remind me to carry a can of bug spray next time I go dancing with Maine hornets. But, as always, I know no matter where I roam, I've got the quiet comfort of the open plains to come back to, the soothing relief of Panadiol Cream awaiting, and the promise of another day full of unknown, thrilling adventures. Here's to that, friends.

'Til our next yarn, keep those boots dusty.

Cowboy Jack, sign’n off.

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