Riding the Tide of a Texas Sunset

It's the kind of evening that never fails to leave me feeling completely overwhelmed with awe – the kind that takes my breathe away and never fails to stir something deep in my soul. I'm sitting atop of my trusty horse Duke, letting the cool evening breeze ruffle my gray Stetson as I take in the extraordinary beauty of the Texas prairie. On the horizon, the sun is slowly sliding behind the veiled clouds, casting a glimmer of orange and red across the vast expanse of sky.

The sun's descent marks the end of a long day of chores and cattle herding on my ranch, but it's a far from unpleasant place to be. After a few moments of silent gazing, I nudge Duke and start the long, slow ride home.

As I trail down the familiar dirt tracks, the magnificence of nature never fails to amaze me. To my left, the grasses sway with the tide of the wind, wildflowers bow in unison to the setting sun. To my right, a small pond reflects the fiery red sky, the forecast for a calm night reminding me of the importance of taking and savoring nature's little moments.

As I make my way along the paths, wild mustangs galloping in the background, I can't help but feel immense gratitude for this rustic and beautiful lifestyle. Life on my ranch isn't always peaceful, but it's always exciting, always beautiful and always filled with the magic of mother nature.

I bid the magnificent Texas sunset farewell and lead Duke back to the ranch. I always take the time to take in nature's astonishing beauty whenever I'm given the chance, knowing that its tide takes me away for the briefest of moments and always bring me right back home again.

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