The Extenuated Beauty of a Life on the Prairie

As I look around my ranch one early morning, the sun just beginning to rise in the sky, there's something peculiarly calming about the view before me. In the distance, I can see just how far out this prairie goes, stretching for miles with the rolling hills and sparse vegetation. Welcome to Texas, my friends. Today I want to share a few stories with you about the life of a cowboy on the prairie, and the extenuated beauty that comes with it.

Life here on the prairie is different from what most people experience; you never know what each day brings. Some days it's wrangling wild mustangs, other days it's rounding up roaming cattle, and yet other days it's simply enjoying the view and joining in a moment of stillness and peace. No matter the day, however, it's the little moments that shape this life on the prairie, moments that exist between me and the land and are amplified by the wide-open spaces.

One of my favorite things is spending my mornings out in the barn, greasing saddle and brushing down the horses. I love the feel of the leather in my hands, the deep smell of the saddle oil, and the sound of leather straps being pulled tight as I secure it to the horse. I'm constantly reminded of how much strength and courage these animals have and how we as human beings owe so much to them.

And then there are the evenings, watching the sun sink low in the sky and turn the landscape to silhouettes of greenery. I love the way the sky flushes pink and orange, the pastel hues in the clouds, and the way the sky seems to go on forever.

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, I enjoy the wildlife that permeates the prairie. From spotting wild apple trees to herding howling wolves, the prairie teems with life, both big and small. Perhaps more than anything else, it's the nature that pulls me in and captivates my curiosity. There's no better feeling than being surrounded by the beauty of nature and migrating wildlife.

Life on the prairie is ever-changing and ever-beautiful. Moment to moment, each day brings something new and each moment has a quality to it that extenuates the beauty of this life. Cowboying is about more than just hard work; it's about discovering the beauty even in the most mundane of tasks. And I can think of no greater beauty than what I find here on the prairie. It's been a reminder I need every day of why I live here and why this place remains in my heart.

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