Wild Mustangs and the Open Range: A Cowboy’s Story

This morning, I woke up to the sun rising over the vast open range. Most days on the ranch can be filled with the mundane cares and duties of tending to the cattle but today was different. As if I was spiritually called to a greater purpose, I quickly got dressed and mounted up on my trusty steed, the wind carrying a sense of adventure in the air. I had heard tales of a wild herd of mustangs galloping near a distant mesa and I had to see it for myself.

As I traveled along, I noticed patches of newly bloomed wild flowers dotting the hills, the sweet smells of a new season filling up my chest with a sense of appreciation of this beautiful land. The flat edges of the mesa slowly started to peek out in the horizon and my heart raced with anticipation. The thought of an entire herd of mustangs running together filled me with pure joy. One of my most cherished memories is that of a horse I had as a boy named Sweet-pea, a spirited animal that always had enough energy for the both of us.

Before I knew it, I was upon the mesa, my shield filtered the sun’s rays against my eyes and as I approached the peak, I spotted them. Dozens of horses wild and carefree, running together as one, drums pounding against the hard ground. I watched as they moved gracefully across the land, nothing to their name but the wind through their manes. I took my horse to the edge and watched the mustangs gallop with an unbridled passion, living life the way they chose.

This moment was more powerful than I imagined, and it quickly became apparent why my spirit had been called here. This scene filled me with a sense of purpose, reminding me of the importance of living life with intention and appreciation for all of nature’s gifts.

I eventually made my way back to the ranch, wild mustangs still in my thoughts and in my heart. The open range of the prairie has a way of reinvigorating and restoring the soul, reminding us to take time to revel in the beauty of the land and respect the freedom of the wild.

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